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JR: Well, folks, I can't quite believe the contest we just had between Ryan Rage and Jay Smith, and for all Jay has done, you've got to hope he's gonna be alright after that.

King: Guy Fierce certainly got the match he wanted, but I think most of the money he makes from tonight will be going to the city of New York to make repairs!

JR: And so we go from that match to a very different one; the biggest match in the business.

King: It's time for the main event at Wrestlemania! Dan McMahon against Noish with the GTU Title on the line.

JR: So many classic contests have happened in this match. Vertabreaker’s first title win at Wrestlemania One; Jack and Cecil’s epic Hell in a Cell Ironman from Wrestlemania Three; the showdown between Xstasy and Generation X at Wrestlemania Four; and, of course, Kalvain’s triumph last year in the Triple Threat.

King: And they’ve got a very excited Wrestlemania crowd waiting to watch them, having already been fired up by an incredible night of action, with the Money in the Bank, Nombre’s final end and what can only be described as a spiral of destruction with Ryan and Jay.

JR: This one's going to be very much in the ring; disqualifications, countouts and illegal holds all apply here. It looks like they've finished clearing up Ryan and Jay's mess, and I think the competitors are ready to come out...

Howard Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Game Talk Undisputed Title!

Cause I like you

Yeah, I like you

And Im feelin so bohemian like you

Yeah, I like you

Yeah, I like you

And I feel wahoo, wooo

King: Check it out! Dan’s using his old music.

JR: I preferred It’s My Pie…

Howard Finkel: First, the challenger. From Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds…DAAAAAAAN MCMAHON!

JR: Dan McMahon earnt the right to be here at the Royal Rumble after co-operating with Noish's teammate Devin, then managing to defeat him in a terrific battle at the end.

King: For years Dan McMahon has dreamt of being here in the Wrestlemania main event; now only Noish stands in his way of walking out of Wrestlemania with his fourth GTU title, and the one that will undoubtedly mean the most.

JR: And let's not forget that only two people have ever won the title five times, King. This match could well write Dan's name in GTWF's history books permanently.

King: But he's up against a man who could end up being a GTWF legend in his own right, and here he comes now!

I’m that star up in the sky,

I’m that mountain peak up high…

Hey, I made it!


Howard Finkel: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds...he is the Game Talk Undisputed Champion...NNNNNNOISH!

JR: What a six months it has been for Noish here in the GTWF. Already featuring prominently by Heart and Soul Five, he and Symbiosis have dominated proceedings and after beating Ryan first for the title, then defending in a Last Man Standing at the Royal Rumble, Noish has come to Wrestlemania as the champion.

King: Will it be challenger or champion? Over the last four years, the challenger has won twice and the champion has won twice. Dan has the experience but Noish is a man very much at the top of his game.

JR: Noish has handed his GTU Title over to the referee and he and Dan stare at each other as the ref signals to the timekeeper and there goes the bell to start the main event at Wrestlemania!

King: The roar of the fans fills the New York air as McMahon and Noish circle carefully, both men no doubt aware of the magnitude of the occasion.

JR: Cheers for both men are coming from this crowd, but still they stay apart, each man studying the other's moves with caution...and finally they step in and lock up! McMahon and Noish wrestle for early control here...Dan forces Noish backwards...but Noish drops to the floor and arm drags Dan through, springing back to his feet with a triumphant grin on his face.

King: A wry smile from the veteran McMahon as he gets to his feet more slowly, unconcerned about the champion's early moral victory. Screams and shouts from this electrified crowd still fill the air as Noish assumes a classic wrestling pose, still wearing that grin, and Dan moves in to grapple with him again. Again McMahon starts to force Noish backwards...

JR:...but this time Dan sweeps Noish's legs from underneath him with a quick flick of the ankle and Noish falls to the canvas. McMahon is content to step away and let Noish get to his feet, tapping his temple with one finger as Noish looks at him to let him know he isn't going to outsmart Dan McMahon.

King: As these two men circle again, it's hard to separate them in terms of skill. Who's your pick, JR?

JR: I got to go with the experience of Dan McMahon. He's been here before, he's fought almost everyone in the business, and I think he'll walk out champion tonight.

King: It looks like Noish disagrees as they lock up again and the GTU Champion unbalances Dan with a kick to the side of his knee, then immediately flips him over with a snapmare and follows up with a dropkick to Dan's spine.

JR: McMahon puts one hand to his back but soon rolls over and starts to get to his feet, stopped before he can fully do so by a jab from Noish, then a kick to the side of his ribs. Noish drags Dan fully to his feet and knocks him back onto the ropes with a forearm smash, then whips him...

King:...but McMahon slams Noish to the canvas with a shoulder block before he can pull off a move. Noish scrambles back to his feet but receives a kick in the gut…then Dan twists him into a hammerlock…and shoves him forward into the turnbuckle…roll up from Dan as Noish bounces out backwards…one…and the champion easily pops out of the pin.

JR: Both men to their feet at the same time but Noish staggers Dan backwards with a quick uppercut…but Dan steps to one side and goes for the Crossface…only for Noish to wriggle out of it before he can really apply it properly! The champion rolls backwards and gets to his feet as the two men face each other to applause from the crowd.

King: Well, nobody really getting the upper hand here, but both men look like they know something the other doesn’t.

JR: I guess it’s going to take a mistake or a piece of genius for one of these guys to draw first blood, as it were.

King: Noish urging the fans on behind him to chant for him…but Dan does the same thing and gets just as big, if not a bigger chant.

JR: So far everything has failed to separate these two men, but something has to give soon as they approach each other again…and lock up…but Noish suddenly springs up and looks for the hurricanrana, which Dan blocks as Noish flips back down…Noish grabs onto the ropes before Dan can drop him down into a submission…and then as Dan goes to drag Noish away from the ropes, the champ slips his legs off Dan’s shoulders and lands back on his feet!

King: McMahon quickly in with a knee to the gut…and a right hand to Noish…followed by another. Strong whip from Dan…and the champion takes the challenger down with a flying forearm smash! Noish flips quickly back to his feet as Dan follows suit, a little slower…and Noish is able to take him down with a clothesline! McMahon hits the canvas and then scrambles back up again, but gets caught by another Noish clothesline.

JR: The champion pumped up here as the dazed Dan fights to his feet…but he manages to dodge the third Noish clothesline and lock on for a German suplex…he launches Noish back but Noish flips over and lands on his feet…then charges forwards and pancakes Dan’s face into the canvas with a bulldog! Cover from Noish…one…and Dan, too, easily kicks out.

King: Noish is keen to maintain his advantage here, dragging up Dan and sending him back into the corner before he can retaliate.

JR: The champion will no doubt have got some tips from his partner Devin on how to stop Dan McMahon, and I think Noish keeping the attacks quick and frequent will be one of them.

King: And Noish also needs to watch out for Dan locking in any of his submission holds, although he’s more safe over in the corner. Noish keeping McMahon in the turnbuckle with a series of strikes…now he hooks his arm over the top rope…and delivers a stinging chop to Dan’s chest!

JR: Dan definitely felt that one, but Noish is already continuing his attack, whipping Dan to the other turnbuckle and charging after him. Dan turns and puts his boot up to catch Noish…but the champion is ready for him and is already on the floor, sliding in with a dropkick to Dan’s standing leg that topples him to the floor!

King: Noish outsmarting the challenger at the moment as Dan tries to get up, holding that leg slightly gingerly, but Noish locks on behind him before he is fully up. Dan swings an elbow round at Noish but he quickly ducks it…


JR: The champion asserting his authority here as he scrambles over to hook the leg…one…two and Dan gets the shoulder up. Noish is looking more confident here, and rightly so.

King: You may think Dan’s experience is going to win, JR, but I think Noish is too quick and too clever for McMahon.

JR: That’s certainly putting him on top at the moment, but I think we have a way to go in this one. Noish hauls Dan to his feet and knocks him back onto the ropes once more…he looks for the whip…but Dan reverses and pulls Noish in close…THEN LAUNCHES THE CHAMPION ACROSS THE RING WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

King: Noish goes skidding across the canvas and the momentum swings in Dan’s favour! Noish holds his back in pain as Dan strides across the ring and drags Noish to his feet, then locks on a front facelock and looks like he is about to pull Noish’s head off! Noish reaches his feet backwards and hooks one on the bottom rope…

JR:…but Dan hauls him all the way back into the centre of the ring and then forces Noish to the canvas on his front! McMahon forcing the pressure down on the champion while keeping that facelock tightly applied. Noish tries to crawl across the mat but Dan keeps him down on the canvas and refuses to let him move.

King: Noish trying to twist his lower body to escape now…he curls one leg round and tries to get it up to kick Dan…BUT SUDDENLY DAN RELEASES THE FACELOCK AND GRABS NOISH’S ANKLE, SNAPPING IN THE ANKLELOCK!

JR: Noish frantically flings himself at the ropes and grabs hold of the bottom one with both hands! Dan attempts to pull him off, but Noish holds on too tightly and McMahon is forced to let go.

King: Noish averts the danger…but now Dan stomps him in the spine before quickly dragging him to his feet…and dropping Noish into the mat with a quick backdrop! Noish sits up, grimacing, but Dan is already back on his feet and hauling Noish to his feet once more…then he slams him down with a second backdrop!

JR: This time Noish stays on the canvas, arching his back slightly as Dan gets up and bounces up the ropes…then drops a sharp elbow into his sternum and holds on for the pin…one…two and there’s the shoulder up from Noish. There’s nothing but focus in Dan’s eyes as he methodically pounds away at Noish with some right hands.

King: Dan would love to reach the pinnacle of his career with this, and we saw how much it means to him at the Royal Rumble.

JR: And Dan may well go down as one of the all time greats if he comes out with a win here.

King: Don’t compare him to Cecil, JR. No-one compares to Cecil.

JR: I really think you need to get over Cecil, King.

King: The time only makes it worse…

JR: Dan McMahon has got Noish up and tossed him into the turnbuckle, where he is working away on the champion with right hands. Dan drives a knee into his gut…then bends over and begins driving his shoulder into Noish’s midsection! Noish being driven into the turnbuckle again and again as Dan hits those shoulder thrusts.

King: But as Dan pulls back for the last Noish leaps over him for a sunset flip…he pulls Dan down…but the challenger rolls right through, back to his feet and then immediately goes after Noish’s ankle again! Noish kicks Dan once, but he clings on…and a second kick shakes McMahon off and allows Noish to get to his feet.

JR: He isn’t getting a break, though, as Dan charges him in and slams him back into the turnbuckle with a clothesline! A stunned Noish sags against the ropes for a moment…and receives a knife-edged chop from McMahon when he does so! Dan takes hold of Noish’s arm and whips him hard, sending him across into the opposite turnbuckle.

King: A relentless assault from Dan at the moment, the challenger striding across the ring to meet Noish…but the World’s Greatest steps out of the turnbuckle and slams his knee into Dan’s gut, making Dan stagger away…Noish runs at him and leaps up for a Tornado DDT, only for Dan to catch him…but as Dan goes to slam Noish into the canvas with a modified spinebuster, the champion shifts his weight, gets his legs up and monkey flips McMahon across the ring!

JR: Smooth move from Noish and a grin creeps across his face as he gets to his feet.

King: Noish is the World’s Greatest, and he knows it!

JR: All I can say is he’d better watch out for Dan’s submissions, because McMahon is trying awfully hard to lock them in.

King: I’m sure Noish will, as the champion moves over to the rising Dan…AND DAN SUDDENLY DARTS FORWARD AND DRAGS NOISH TO THE GROUND FOR THE CROSSFACE…BUT HE ROLLS IT OVER INTO A PIN…ONE…TWO….and McMahon only just kicks out!

JR: And McMahon has latched back onto that ankle straight after the kick-out…BUT NOISH IS READY FOR HIM AND HITS A RISING ENZIGURI DIRECTLY INTO DAN’S TEMPLE! How fast was that? Dan slumps back to the canvas and Noish rolls him over for the hook of the leg and the cover…ONE…TWO…and for the second time in a minute, Dan just kicks out!

King: Noish sits up with a wry smile on his face and takes a breather for a few moments, no doubt glad to have some time when Dan’s not trying to break one of his limbs. Some of the fans are still clapping that enziguri, which did sound quite painful, and it certainly dropped Dan. Noish gets to his feet and hauls up the stunned Dan, shoving him back against the ropes.

JR: Noish hitting the challenger with some of his trademark precise strikes, picking apart Dan with his fists. Dan’s eyes still look slightly glazed after that enziguri, and Noish is taking full advantage. He pulls Dan away from the ropes now and kicks him in the gut, then hooks him up for a suplex…but Dan hooks his leg around Noish’s and blocks it.

King: Noish hits a couple more of those sharp jabs to Dan’s stomach, then goes to lift him again…but Dan blocks it a second time…and this time gets his knee into Noish’s gut! McMahon takes control of the suplex…and he manages to lift Noish! McMahon with the stalling suplex…camera flashes go off around the arena as he holds the champion above his head…and finally he drops him to the canvas!

JR: But Dan hasn’t let go! Is he going for a combo here?

King: Noish is certainly going to be pretty dizzy if he pulls this one off.

JR: Well, Dan has indeed rolled his hips and pulled Noish back up in that suplex position. He signals to the crowd…and then hoists Noish above his head a second time! The champion’s legs kick slightly but Dan keeps him there…he stalls even longer this time…and finally brings Noish down to the canvas with a crash!

King: But McMahon still holds on! Surely he won’t go for a third!

JR: I don’t know how he has the strength to keep Noish up there for that long! That’s two hundred and thirty pounds he’s holding up there.

King: The fans are getting to their feet as Dan tugs Noish back to his feet, still in that suplex position. He pauses for a moment…then lifts Noish up…the champion fights to get out of it…but Dan holds him in position and stalls the suplex for a third time! Noish must not know where he is as Dan holds him upside down, six feet above the canvas…and he still stalls…

JR: Screams and cheers come from the fans as Dan turns slightly, still holding Noish up…AND THEN HE DRILLS NOISH INTO THE MAT WITH A BRAINBUSTER! Champion in trouble as Dan covers…ONE…TWO…and Noish just manages to get the shoulder up!

King: What a suplex combo from Dan! That one is really going to leave Noish stunned. The fans getting behind Dan here as the challenger gets to his feet and again pulls Noish up, although not for a suplex this time…he’s going for the Jackknife powerbomb! Dan puts Noish’s head between his legs and prepares to lift him…

JR:…BUT NOISH BACK BODY DROPS DAN UP AND OVER THE ROPES…only for Dan to catch hold of the top rope and land safely on the apron! Noish is unaware of Dan’s presence…until McMahon grabs him by the back of the head and pulls him in-between the middle and top ropes, so that he is bent over backwards…


JR: GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! What a sickening effect that must have had on Noish’s neck!

King: McMahon still has that look of pure determination in his eyes and he steps back to the ring and drags Noish out as the champion clutches his neck in agony.

JR: Where’s McMahon going with this? Noish could be in a whole lot of trouble here.

King: This vociferous Wrestlemania crowd are really enjoying this main event here at Wrestlemania Five, but if Dan has anything to do with it, it could be over before long.

JR: Dan’s setting up Noish for a German suplex, facing towards the ring and looking like he is going to send Noish into that steel barrier! Noish has got to get out of this one quickly…and suddenly the champion drops to the floor, hitting Dan with a reverse jawbreaker and making him stagger back into the steel barrier!

King: Noish gets up onto one knee but Dan is already striding back at him…BUT NOISH STICKS HIS LEGS OUT, SCISSOR SWEEPS DAN’S FROM UNDERNEATH HIM TO DROP HIM TO HIS KNEES, DAN HEADBUTTING THE APRON AS HE DOES SO! Dan slumps onto the apron, arms sprawled over the bottom rope, and Noish has himself some recovery time.

JR: The GTU champion is still feeling his neck after that sick neckbreaker from McMahon, but he has managed to shift this match back in his favour with that counter.

King: Noish certainly would have been out of it if McMahon connected with that German suplex. There’s nothing but steel and tarmac to land on out here.

JR: Noish gets to his feet now and rolls back into the ring, then drops back out to break the referee’s count. Noish sizes up Dan, who is still sprawled over the apron, and lands a couple of kicks to his kidneys, then bashes his head into the apron again to keep him where he is.

King: The champion’s walking away…and he starts to get up onto that barrier! Noish somehow climbing onto that barrier and keeping his balance, with Dan slumped against the ring…AND NOISH LEAPS OFF WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK THAT CRUSHES DAN’S HEAD AGAINST THE APRON!

JR: The landing wasn’t all that pretty for Noish either, but the damage has been done to McMahon and he has fallen back to the floor, a red mark starting to grow from where his head hit the apron. The referee’s still counting, with both men on the outside, and Noish is forced to pull himself to his feet and haul up Dan, rolling the challenger into the ring.

King: Noish gets up on the apron himself before the referee reaches ten, breaking his count, then steps in between the ropes and makes a cover on Dan…ONE…TWO…but McMahon puts his foot on the bottom rope! Noish looks a little annoyed at himself for not dragging Dan away from the ropes, but he does so now, pulling the challenger into the centre of the ring.

JR: What does Noish have planned now…he grabs Dan by the legs…AND FLIPS HIM OVER INTO A BOSTON CRAB! Noish with the classic submission hold applied, and from being a little stunned, Dan is now yelling with pain!

King: Noish turning the tables on the submission front here with the Boston Crab right in the centre of the ring on Dan McMahon! It’s going to be extremely difficult for Dan to find a way out of this one.

JR: Of course, Dan isn’t going to give this one up unless he’s unconscious, and with his teeth gritted, he tries to make his way towards the ropes. Some of the crowd are screaming for him to tap, but I think the larger contingent are urging him to get to the ropes so that they can see this contest continue. Noish keeps the hold firmly applied and Dan lets out another yell as his face twists with pain.

King: McMahon inching himself slowly across the mat, but I’m not sure he’ll make it to the ropes before he has to tap out…or pass out, JR!

JR: With all the adrenaline rushing through Dan McMahon, he might not even be able to tell when his body wants him to give up. He is getting there, though, dragging himself across the mat despite Noish’s efforts to keep him still, and his hands begin to stretch for the ropes.

King: Even if he does there, this will have worn Dan down significantly. It was a smart move by Noish to keep Dan away from a position where he could try and apply a submission hold to him.

JR: McMahon’s reaching out…no, he’s not close enough yet, but he makes one final push…and his hand closes around the bottom rope! The referee grabs Noish’s shoulder and tells him to let go, but Noish maximises the hold…one…two…three…four and he finally breaks it, letting Dan’s legs drop to the floor, the damage done on the challenger.

King: Noish breathes heavily for a few moments, looking down at Dan without a flicker of emotion, then he reaches down and tries to drag Dan up…but McMahon fires a right hand back at Noish! Noish lets go of Dan and knocks him down to his knees with a right hand of his own…but McMahon comes back with another!

JR: A kick to the gut and a right hand from Noish send Dan back onto one knee again…but McMahon fires a couple of shots into Noish’s gut and then hits the champion with a desperation uppercut! McMahon’s legs look a little wobbly as he forces himself to his feet, but he grabs hold of the ropes for support and then kicks Noish in the gut as he approaches.

King: Forearm smash from McMahon…and another as he continues to battle, slowly recovering the full use of his legs. Dan throws everything into one shot and Noish is actually knocked over by the force! The champion bounces back up…but there goes a second shot from McMahon that knocks him down!

JR: The adrenaline must really be pumping here, because Dan is finding some energy from somewhere! A clothesline now takes Noish back to the floor…then the stunned champion staggers up and walks straight into a scoop slam from Dan! The fans increasing in volume with each move Dan hits as Noish gets up and this time swings for Dan…

King:…but Dan ducks and locks on…GERMAN SUPLEX FROM MCMAHON! Noish lands heavily on the back of his head and neck and Dan slowly gets to his feet, watching the GTU champion, who is sprawled on the mat. McMahon raises one hand in the air to signal for the McChokeslam, then begins stalking Noish!

JR: The champion’s reeling here! If McMahon hits the McChokeslam it’s surely going to be all over! Noish very tentatively pushes himself up onto his hands and knees, then presses one hand to his injured neck and moves it from side to side.

King: If Dan can target that neck, he might just be in business…although I don’t think he’ll need it, as he pulls his hand back and readies himself for the McChokeslam!


King: What a counter from Noish! What a crucial counter, too!

JR: The pressure once more on Dan McMahon as Noish bends his arm back behind him with a face that looks like he wants to pull it out of his socket. Dan’s face is pressed against the mat as he reaches out an arm towards the ropes…but they’re too far away for him to get!

King: He might have better luck with his lower body as he starts inching that round, Noish putting less pressure on that area. He stretches out his leg for the bottom rope…but misses the first time. Dan’s face twists with more pain as Noish wrenches his arm back even further, but he shifts his body slightly more…and this time he drops that leg across the bottom rope!

JR: The referee taps Noish and points at the rope again…and, slightly disgustedly, Noish lets go of the hold and gets to his feet. Reaching down with both hands, Noish drags Dan up by the head…he kicks him in the gut…SNAP DDT FROM THE CHAMPION! Dan is left sprawled on the canvas…meanwhile Noish looks up at the top rope!

King: I think the champion wants to finish this one off once and for all, JR! Noish gets to his feet and begins to scale the turnbuckle as the fans once more increase in volume, anticipating an iconic Wrestlemania moment!

JR: Noish stands up on the top rope…he looks down at Dan…NOISH’S PROMISE…


King: How did Dan manage to get out of the way of that?

JR: Sheer determination, I would think! Both men are flat out on the canvas and the referee checks them…then begins his count!

King: It looks like it’s back to square one for both guys! Each of them have tried their finishers, and both have found their opponent too stubborn to take it.

JR: McMahon and Noish still flat out on the canvas as the referee reaches four….now five and Dan rolls over onto his front…Noish shakes his head as though snapping out of a daze and begins to push himself to his feet.

King: Seven from the referee as Dan grabs the ropes…Noish is up to his knees…and finally they both stand as the referee hits eight, so this one will continue!

JR: Noish turns around…and gets smacked right in the jaw with a right hand from Dan for his troubles! The champion blinks, then comes back at Dan with a kick to his gut and a straight right to his temple. Dan stumbles back onto the ropes, but bounces back with an elbow to Noish!

King: Noish drops down to one knee…but then proceeds to uppercut Dan from his lower position! The champion grabs Dan by the arm and whips him across the ring into the ropes…flapjack…SOMEHOW DAN SEIZES HOLD OF NOISH’S ARM IN MID-AIR, FORCES HIS WEIGHT ONTO THE CHAMPIONS BACK AND SLAMS HIM TO THE FLOOR INTO THE CROSSFACE!

JR: Dan McMahon applying that Crossface in a frenzy as out of nowhere Noish is put under pressure again! McMahon wrenching Noish’s head back as he tries to escape…the champion tries to roll the move…he succeeds in rolling Dan over…but Dan rolls straight back through and keeps the hold on!

King: Noish has succeeded in getting himself closer to the ropes, though, and like Dan before him he resorts to trying to drop his leg on that bottom rope…can he get there…yes he can! The referee tells Dan to let go…I’m not sure Dan even heard him the first time, but finally the challenger releases the hold and the grateful Noish is able to breathe a bit easier.

JR: McMahon gets up onto his knees and rocks back, resting for a moment…now he rises to his feet and starts telling Noish to get up while the champion is still trying to realign his neck.

King: I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Dan this clinical, JR! Every chance he gets he’s trying to lock something on.

JR: If nothing else, it’s wearing both men out from the effort of the holds. Dan is still waiting for Noish to get to his feet, a task which the champion is making heavy work of, although that may well be to get him some recovery time. Noish is half up…and Dan grows tired of waiting and pulls him all the way up…

King:…MACSLAM…but Noish seems to almost float out of the move and shove Dan forwards into the turnbuckle! The champion charges in at the challenger…but Dan steps out of the way and Noish runs into the turnbuckle instead! Dan locks on behind him as he staggers out and looks for another German suplex…


King: And Noish slams the mat in frustration after that amazing counter still fails to put Dan away!

JR: These two have tried so much to put each other away, but neither has managed it thus far.

King: Noish is getting more and more agitated with every kick-out, and now he’s hauling Dan up again…he hooks Dan’s leg up next to him and drags him in close…THEN LAUNCHES DAN ACROSS THE RING WITH A CAPTURE SUPLEX! The champion scrambles across as fast as his limited energy will carry him…ONE…TWO…and another shoulder up from Dan!

JR: Noish shakes his head and looks around at nothing in particular, obviously trying to keep his head together so that he can put away Dan. Noish gets back up and grabs Dan again, hauling him up with some effort…he’s hooking him up for the World’s Strongest Slam…but Dan struggles and fights it…THEN SOMEHOW WRIGGLES ROUND NOISH AND PULLS HIM DOWN INTO A ROLL-UP…ONE…TWO…KICK-OUT!

King: Both men trying to get to their feet first…Dan is there marginally ahead of Noish…but Noish dodges his shot…NOISHTALGIA! NOISHTALGIA! NOISH GOT IT! HE’S GONNA RETAIN HIS TITLE…ONE…TWO…THRE-OH JESUS HE KICKED OUT!

JR: What in the world does Noish have to do here?

King: I think actually killing Dan might be the best way of stopping him in this match.

JR: Hopefully Nombre’s ghost isn’t lurkingsomewhere with a knife.

King: The irate Noish has got to his feet and dragged Dan over into the middle of the ring by his legs…AND NOISH FLIPS DAN OVER AND LOCKS ON THE ANKLELOCK!

JR: Noish with Dan’s favourite submission hold on him in the centre of the ring! If Noish can’t pin Dan, can he make him tap out?

King: He’s certainly twisting that ankle with enough force to cause anyone a great deal of pain, but McMahon continues to fight, starting to drag himself across the mat towards the ropes…but Noish temporarily stops applying the hold to drag him backwards, further away from the set of ropes he is trying to reach!

JR: And Noish sets about applying thehold again with Dan needing to find another way out…he tries to roll forward…AND DOES SO, GRABBING NOISH’S ANKLE IN THE PROCESS AND TURNING IT INTO AN ANKLELOCK ON THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!

King: The fans are being taken on a rollercoaster here as it is now Dan’s turn to try and make Noish tap with one of the most feared submission holds in the business! Noish is closer to the ropes than Dan was, however, and he scrabbles his arms frantically at the mat…and then throws himself at the ropes and grabs on!

JR: The referee tells Dan to break…BUT DAN GIVES NOISH AN ALMIGHTY TUG, PULLS HIM OFF THE ROPES AND BACK INTO THE CENTRE OF THE RING! Dan lets out a yell of sheer exertion and feverishly applies the anklelock once more!

King: Noish isn’t going anywhere near those ropes if Dan has something to do with it! Every time he makes a small effort now, Dan makes sure he drags him back, but the question remains of whether Dan has the energy to hold onto this move for the time it takes to make the champion tap!

JR: Neither man has shown any signs of quitting in this one, but they surely have to be close to breaking point after this titanic struggle. McMahon still holding that anklelock as Noish tries to find a way out…he rolls himself over onto his front…but Dan rolls him back over!

King: Noish trying everything he can to get out of this, but will it be enough this time? He’s raising his hand above the mat…but he shakes his head…and rolls over again…this time he manages to kick Dan off him! Noish feels his ankle with a grimace, but he has freed himself from the move.

JR: Noish got Dan right in the jaw with that kick and so both men are taking a little while to get to their feet, Dan rubbing his jaw while Noish flexes his ankle.

King: I can’t help feeling that something has got to give soon, JR! Surely these men can’t have much left in their tanks.

JR: I think it all depends on how much they want that title. Staggering to their feet and glaring defiance at each other, the two men step in towards each other and lock up, just as they did at the start of the match. The hold swings one way…then Dan leans in towards Noish and flips the champion over his hip, dropping him into a seated position before applying a sleeper!

King: But Noish has got his legs up over his head…and he manages to headscissor Dan away, the challenger sprawling across the mat! McMahon takes a moment to get his bearings and Noish is up first…NOISH SCOOPS DAN UP FOR THE WORLD’S GREATEST SLAM

King:…but McMahon slides out of it and shoves Noish onto the ropes!


King: Screams of disbelief sound around the streets as McMahon falls back onto the canvas and stares up into the sky, unable to comprehend just how Noish kicked out of that.

JR: I guess that answers our question about how much they want that title. With both men down, the referee is forced to start counting again, although I think Dan is only lying there out of sheer disbelief.

King: McMahon sits up now and stares off into the distance as the moment replays on the titantron and everyone can see Noish’s shoulder lift off the mat a fraction of a second before the referee’s hand is about to come down.

JR: McMahon snaps out of his daze and gets to his feet, the cheers of the fans rising again as they try to urge him on to victory. McMahon pulls Noish to his feet, the action clearly laboured now after what is nearly forty minutes of fighting.

King: Noish doesn’t seem to be offering up much resistance as Dan drags him over to the turnbuckle…now he begins to lift him up to the top rope! I don’t know what Dan is planning here, but it looks like he wants to hit Noish so hard he won’t even know he’s being pinned.

JR: Dan sets Noish on that top turnbuckle…he hits him with a couple of right hands. Noish still seems to be trying to shake the cobwebs out as Dan takes a few steps backwards into the centre of the ring and looks up at Noish…he sprints in at him…DAN LEAPS UP FOR A BELLY TO BELLY…BUT NOISH PUNCHES HIM IN THE GUT, GRABS HIM BY THE HEAD AND INSTEAD FLIES OFF WITH A SUPER X-FACTOR TO MCMAHON!

King: What a move from Noish! McMahon planted face first into the canvas from the top rope!

JR: Surely this one is going to be over! All Noish has to do is crawl over to Dan and roll him onto his back!

King: Noish landed awkwardly and is a few feet away from Dan, but he’s crawling across the mat towards the challenger…he grabs Dan by the shoulder and pushes him…he rolls him over…and drops one arm across…ONE…TWO…THRE-AND SOMEHOW MCMAHON KICKS OUT!

JR: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! What has to happen to end this match?

King: Armageddon?

JR: I wouldn’t count on it. Noish and Dan both lie sprawled next to each other, Dan still only half-conscious after the super X-Factor, while Noish, I think, is simply exhausted. The referee begins his count and the crowd begins to clap, trying to urge both champion and challenger to their feet.

King: Noish looks like he’s not all there at the moment, but whether that’s from the disbelief or his exhaustion, I’m not sure.

JR: Can either of these men get up now? We don’t want the GTU Title match to end in a draw, but that’s the way it’s going to go unless one of these guys recovers pretty quickly. Dan raises one arm in the air and sort of half-rolls over onto his side while Noish raises himself up onto his elbows and is forced to relive the kick-out as the titantron replays it again.

King: The referee reaches six and Dan tries to sit up…then falls back to the mat…but immediately sits up again to many cheers. Noish is up onto his knees and seems to be feeling his ankle again; perhaps he landed awkwardly on it after the super X Factor.

JR: The referee counts nine…and finally realising the urgency of the situation, both men get to their feet and approach each other…Noish goes for the shot on Dan but Dan ducks straight away…HERE COMES A SECOND MCCHOKESLAM…but Noish with an elbow to Dan’s temple…and there’s a second one that knocks Dan away!

King: McMahon staggers around and back into Noish…WHO GOES FOR THE MCCHOKESLAM HIMSELF…BUT DAN SEIZES HOLD OF HIS ARM AND DRAGS HIM DOWN FOR THE CROSSFACE! Can Dan get it locked in properly? Noish tries to scramble out as Dan tries to pin him down…but it’s Noish who escapes and gets back to his feet!


King: Where did that come from? Noish out of nowhere with that one! McMahon is sprawled across the canvas again and Noish leans against the ropes…then looks up at the turnbuckle!

JR: I think it really might be over this time! Noish almost has to drag his body over to the turnbuckle , then he steps out onto the apron and begins to scale the turnbuckle with Dan still on the floor in front of the turnbuckle.

King: Noish ready to finish the main event at Wrestlemania…but Dan starts to get to his feet! Noish looks up in surprise as Dan moves over to him to try and take him down off the turnbuckle…but the champion gets his leg up and kicks Dan away, sending him toppling backwards onto the canvas!

JR: Dan starts to pull himself to his feet again, though! Noish isn’t going to be able to hit Noish’s Promise here as he raises himself up fully onto the turnbuckle…MISSILE DROPKICK…BUT DAN DODGES AND SEIZES HOLD OF NOISH’S LEG…THEN DROPS TO THE FLOOR WITH HIM AND APPLIES THE ANKLELOCK INSTANTLY!

King: How in the world has he done that? Dan McMahon with an anklelock on the champion that came out of absolutely nowhere! Noish reaching out for the ropes again as Dan lets out a scream of either anger or desperation and desperately tries to make Noish tap.

JR: Somehow Noish is dragging himself closer to the ropes, spurred on by the noise of these deafening fans…he’s going to get there…BUT DAN SUDDENLY WRAPS HIS LEGS AROUND NOISH’S AND DROPS TO THE FLOOR, TRAPPING NOISH IN A GRAPEVINE AS HE CONTINUES TO APPLY THE ANKLELOCK!

King: Noish is going nowhere now! He reaches for the ropes again but isn’t close enough to get there!

JR: The referee is down by Noish’s head, asking him if he gives up, but Noish shakes his head and stretches as, behind him, Dan McMahon is still furiously applying that hold, a frenzy in his eyes.

King: Noish might just be able to get there…his fingers nearly brush the ropes…BUT DAN GIVES HIM A TUG AWAY FROM THE ROPES TO PREVENT HIM GETTING THERE!

JR: Noish on the brink! He raises his hand now, surely for one final effort at those ropes, and Dan twists that ankle even harder…Noish looks like he is going to pass out but he reaches again….AND HE TAPS! NOISH TAPS OUT! OH MY GOD! I DON’T BELIEVE IT! THE REFEREE CALLS FOR THE BELL! DAN MCMAHON HAS DONE IT! DAN MCMAHON HAS WON THE GTU TITLE AT WRESTLEMANIA!

Howard Finkel: Here is your winner and NEW Game Talk Undisputed Champion, DAAAAAAAAAAN MCMAHON!

King: Dan finally got Noish to tap! Dan has won the biggest match of his career on the biggest stage of them all!

JR: McMahon has released that hold and rolled away into the centre of the ring, where he is looking around at these raucous fans, chanting his name! The referee collects the belt from the timekeeper and hands it to Dan…McMahon looks at it in a stunned fashion for a few moments…then climbs to his feet…and raises it above his head!

King: What a match! What a win for McMahon! How he finally got that anklelock on Noish I’ll never know, but it has won him his fourth GTU Title!

JR: Dan McMahon will remember this night until he dies! An epic encounter of very high quality, and just when you thought the champion had too much for the challenger, he came back and found that little bit extra!

King: I don’t know if Dan’s anklelock has done any permanent damage to Noish, but at the moment the champion is sitting on the outside of the ring, leaning up against the apron with a bitter look on his face.

JR: Noish will have a rematch clause to cash in, of course, but whatever happens there, tonight belongs to Dan McMahon! After a night of drama and excitement, Dan has capped it off by becoming GTU Champion. Goodnight from New York, as Dan McMahon walks out of Wrestlemania Five as GTU Champion!

Winner and NEW GTU Champion via submission to grapevine Anklelock at 43:42 – Dan McMahon

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