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Solitus vs. Hybrid
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Head Strong

Lillian: This match is set for one fall! Making his way to the ring from Ottawa Ontario, HYYYBRRRRIDD!

Aint no Stopping me now!

Lillian: And from St. Louis….. SOOLLLLLLITTTUSSSSS!


Hybrid and Solitus stare right at each other before locking up.

JR: Hybrid and Solitus in the middle of a test of strength and Hybrid flips Solitus on the ground.

King: Solitus quickly up and connects with a Jeet Kwon Do Sweep.

JR: Hybrid down and Solitus begins to stomp away at Hybrid. The ref calls for a rope break and Solitus begins to play to the fans.

King: Hybrid however with a HBK style nip up! And he stares right at Solitus.

JR: Hybrid and Solitus lock up again this time Solitus punches Hybrid and then connects with an Arm Wrench Kick!

King: Cover! 1—2… NO kick out by Hybrid.

JR: Very close to evening the score right there. Hybrid already has a victory over Solitus.

King: Solitus once again begins to stomp away at Hybrid who rolls out of the ring.

JR: But wait what is this? Jasmine runs down to the ring and kicks Hybrid in the crotch!

King: Solitus had the ref distracted!

JR: Jasmine stomps at Hybrid before Solitus runs towards the ropes and does a nice spring board on Hybrid.

King: Now he picks up Hybrid and puts him back in the ring…

JR: Cover! One---Two---Thr…. NO. A kick out!

King: How close was that?

JR: Hybrid manages to trip up Solitus and locks in a camel clutch!

King: Solitus grabs the rope and Hybrid breaks the hold.

JR: Now Solitus back up and tries for a Dragon Shuffle but gets caught into an arm bar!

King: Going up to the top rope looking for Annihilation…

JR: No! Jasmine knocked Hybrid off the top rope.

King: Both men down!

Ref: 1---2---3---4—5—6—7

JR: Both men up. Now Solitus beginning to hit Hybrid with a uppercut! But Hybrid with an uppercut of his own!

King: Solitus staggers back! And takes a Spear by Hybrid!

JR: Cover! One---Two---Thr…. NO! Solitus kicked out!

King: Now Jasmine running into the ring with a steel chair!

JR: No! Hybrid turned around and Soul Super Kicked the chair right in Jasmine’s face.

King: Is that any way to treat a girl?

JR: No. But see almost cost Hybrid the win!

King: The ref distracted but Solitus with a low blow!

JR: Now he picked up Hybrid and is going for the Solitus Exploder!

King: Hybrid with elbows to the head of Solitus! Now he hits the OMEGA!

JR: That flip pedigree!

King: Now Hybrid going to the top rope!

JR: Jasmine and Solitus down! No more interference!


JR: Cover! 1---2---3!

Lillian: Here is your winner…. HYYYYBRRRRIDDDDD!!!!!

Winner at 6:28 HYBRID

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