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Special Match Types
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Special Matches

Rookie Ruckus
The Rookie Ruckus match is when you have four or more rookies who do battle. This match is played under elimination rules and the only way to win is to be the last rookie alive and not pinned or submit.
Rusty Nailz Match
In this match Rusty Nailz can be used as a weapon. You can win by Pin fall or Submission. The very first Rusty Nailz match happened at Wrestle Mania V where Jonny Nailz emerged victorious.
MITB Safe Match
In this match there is a key hanging above the ring. You must try to retrive the key. Once the key has been taken a location of a Safe will be revelaed. Use the key and open the safe and you win the MITB.
Sledge Hammer Match
A match where only Sledge Hammers are legal. You may win via pin fall or submisson.
Royal Rumble
A match involving thirty men. Two start off. After 90 seconds another compititor enters the ring. The winner is the final man in the ring after all the others have been eliminated by being thrown over the top rope.

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