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Top 15 wrestlers in the GTWF

1. Dan McMahon
The GTU champ had a big win at Mania to capture the GTU. Failed to win the tag team titles with Muse...
2. Devin
Won the MITB at Mania by opening a safe. When will he cash in the MITB? Only time will tell...
3. Muse
Did not win the Tag team titles but has a chance to become the #1 contedner for the GTU at Crack...
4. Redmann
The New Vanguard champ handed Slain his first loss of his career. How long can Redmann keep his title this time?
5. Noish
Seems to be comming up short lately. Every Since losing the GTU he has been out of place...
6. Xecutioner
The Xecutioner will have a go vs. Affliction on Sunday in a 2-3 falls match. What will transpire?
7. Jay Smith
Defeated Ryan Rage at Mania...
8. Jonny Nailz
Has become the #1 contender for the Vanguard. Will it be Slain or Redmann who he faces?
9. Hybrid
Defeated Contain at Final Destination and had a good run in the MITB...
10. Slain
Has a chance to win back the Vanguard agaisnt Redmann on Sunday...
11. Affliction
Destroyed GianZ in a match. Will face Xecutioner at Crack...
12. Melt Down
Lost to Jonny Nailz and falls to 12 overall...
13. Axel Stone
Taking a break from wrestling...
14. Solitus
Needs to improve to move up in the card...
15. Frying Pan Joe
Won aginst Brock at Mosaic.

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