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GTWF's Superstars' FinisherS


Chokeslam – just a chokeslam after a raise of the right arm then the slam with the left.

Running powerslam - In an F-U position but then swung into a running powerslam.



Brock Lock(Argentine Leglock)  

Side slam into Backbreaker(Rock Bottom into Backbreaker)


Main: Devastator (Powerbomb to Facebuster) {Most used - the best set up for the High Sign. Would go for the High Sign directly after connecting with the facebuster if he has plenty of energy left in him.}

Alternate: Spinal Tap (modified Rockbottom. Along with the normal Rockbottom set-up, he hooks the victim’s right leg with his left arm. In the process of the Rockbottom, he makes a 180 degree turn.) {Used out of a small amount of desperation in a match, seeing as this move can be done by him very quickly; within about a second. This is the most used finishing grapple hold for the people near and over the 350 pound mark.}

Submission finisher: Cross-ifixion (Crippler Crossface) {Mainly used after Devin weakens his opponent’s arms and head as a way to either drain energy from his opponent or to flat out injure him, resulting in a submission victory.}

Aerial finisher: High Sign (Shooting star press + pin) (to signal for it, he will take off his shirt and toss it to the crowd.) {Second most used move of all. Used to add that extra jolt of adrenaline in him or to get the crowd behind him, but mostly used as a way to sort of seal the victory for himself in a match.}

Alternate aerial finisher/desperation finisher: Star-crossed (Star Breaker; a Shooting Star into a DDT to a standing opponent) (only used when he signals for the High Sign, but the opponent gets up sometime during when he climbs the turnbuckle) {Used in complete desperation when an opponent is just getting up from a move while he has climbed the turnbuckle, and feels that a simple missile dropkick wouldn’t do too much for him.}

Signature: The Reilly Factor (Double arm DDT, added with a legsweep sort of like the Downward Spiral, the landing causing his opponent to sit down, landing their face on the floor in between their own legs.) {Used with some desperation. This is a very powerful move, as it concentrates primarily on the back/abdomen and face/head of the victim, though, more often than not, the move is done sloppily, as it is a completely new and innovative idea for a maneuver. Within time and practice, this move will be done correctly every attempt.}

Signature: Whiplash (Running kitchen sink into a brainbuster DDT) {Used in a lot of desperation, in an attempt to gain back some of his energy from the toil of constant wrestling in a match after connecting with this move.}

Signature: The Pwn-U [in memory of Rick Astin] (Ki-Krusher99; a revolving fisherman suplex into a power bomb) {Like the Whiplash, this move is used to create some breathing room for himself.}

Top of ladder (or any other elevated place) finishers:

Super High Sign (Imploding Star Press)

Starcrossed (Star Breaker; a Shooting Star into a DDT to a standing opponent)

Double-team finishers:

Killer Instinct (with anyone): Double fireman’s carry into an F-5 into a cutter/stunner.

Crossfire (with Noish only): Noish executes a Boston crab with a knee to the back while Devin performs a Cross-ifixion on the victim, who is face down, or is about to be turned face down.


GianZ BottomEnd{Modified STO}


Dagon Wings{Modified Boston Crab}


Annihialtion{Diving Headbut/Swaton Bomb}

Omega{Flip Pedigree}

XXX{3 DDTs in a row}

Holy Prophecy:

Judgment: Modified Cobra Clutch Bomb(Uses running momentum to grab the opponent’s arms, send them into the air, and flip them over pulling them down for a cobra clutch bomb)

Revelation: Modified Sweep STO

Halo/Holy Grail: Brainbuster DDT into grapevine headlock choke

Apocalypse:Neck Hanged Bridge Suplex(The opponent has to be sitting on the top rope.He grabs them in a two handed choke and bridges back into a suplex type move, dropping them on their head. )

JJ King:

Fusiondriver: Double-underhook piledriver

Supernovabomb: Top Rope Batista Bomb

Jonny Nailz:

FSF (Five Star Finish)

Super Insanity (off the top, or Springboard of the ropes, Wheel Kick)

Justin Hunt:

Flatout (Rock Bottom)

Flipout (Lionsault)

Fallout (Top Rope Brainbuster DDT)


Art Of War: Double Arm DDT off top turnbuckle.

Warrior’s Death: Double Arm DDT (on mat)


Tesla Vice(Rock Bottom to RKO)


Red Light District{JackHammer}


Red Splash{Moonsault}


Death By The Blade + Immediate Pin (Abbreviated as DBTB)

Pepsi Plunge / Top Rope Double Underhook Facebuster – Sometimes done by Slain spinning, then landing the blow for maximized damage, so that the opponent’s face lands somewhere near the center of the ring. Usually signaled by “Batista Style” hype up for when he goes for his finisher.


Crippler Crossface / Single Arm Crossface – Done when Slain has concentrated on the arms, damaging them to the point that the Crossface would be torture. If the opponent reaches the ropes before they tap, he will hold the submission until the 3rd-4th count by the Referee. This is signaled by an Intense Cut Throat Gesture. This move often comes out of nowhere, at the most absurd times.


The Impact DDT (An Edgecution through the legs) 

The Solitude Slam (Gunn Stinger) [Rosey’s finisher]

Solitary Confinement (A Dragon Sleeper Camel Clutch)




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