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Wrestle Mania has come and gone and it was quite a night. Dan McMahon defated Noish to caprture the GTU title. Rick Astin and Wassabi died and Devin won the MITB Safe match. GTWF definitly has future plans on returning to New York... Also we would like to thank Guns and Roses for their song: "Welcome to the Jungle" which was the offical theme for Mania...

Mosiac was a excellent ppv. We saw Redmann reclaim his Vanguard Title from Slain and saw Jonny Nailz become the number one contender for the Vanguard...

Now we are on to Crack a PPV filled with alot of promise. Can Solitus defeat a mystery opponent? That match is filled with alot of promise or will Solitus continue to slip?

Redmann takes on Slain in a rematch for the Vanguard. How will Redmann go about defending the title in a hardcore match?

The rivalry between Affliction and the Xecutioner has reached a boiling point. Can Affliction finally do some damage to X or will Affliction come up short again?

Matches for Crack

BrockLockII vs GianZ

One of these two Rookies will have there first win in the GTWF. And settle a "personal" Issue.

JJ King vs Hybrid

Comming off a Victroy over Solitus at Mosiac how wil he fare against new commer JJ King?

Solitus vs _______?

Solitus will be facing an unknown opponent...

2 out of 3 falls match - Xecutioner vs Affliction  First Fall Tables Match

The rivalry between Affliction and Xecutioner has reached a boiling point. These two monsters will square off again in  a best 2 out of three falls match...

Lone Wolf vs Rhapsody Blue

How will Lone Wolf do against new commer Rhapsody Blue?

Johnny Nailz vs Frying Pan Joe -Nailz Contendership is on the line

Jonny Nailz has recieved the right to fight for the Vanguard. After beating Meltdown he must tackle new comer Frying Pan Joe who already has a victory over Brock Lock...

Vanguard Title Rematch Hardcore - Slain vs Redmann(champion)

Neither of these two warrriors has been able to keep the Vanguard all that long. What will happen when they duel in a HardCore match?

Intercontinental Neo X Championship match - Devin vs Muse(Champion)

- Special Ref Dan Mcmahon ...If Muse wins he gets a GTU title shot

Can Muse get a chance to become the GTU champ? Also the Neo-X title is on the line? Can Devin capture both the Tag Team Titles, The Neo-X and the Money in the Bank?  What a Main Event!

-Card Subject to Change-


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