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Jonny Nailz vs. Meltdown
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Jillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen it is time for the Vanguard number one contender’s match. Introducing first from Detroit, Michigan weighing in a 239 pounds…”The Perfect One” MELTDOWN!!!!

I got tha fireman!

I got tha fireman!

Meltdown goes up to the stage ready with his bulletproof vest with the biker gloves. He walks down the ramp very cockily and enters the ring and goes onto the turnbuckle and looks at the crowd. Ready to get a shot at Slain’s Vanguard title.

Jillian Garcia: And his opponent from Greensboro, North Carolina weighing in a 246 pounds…JONNY NAILZ!!!!!!!

If I could fly!

Like the king of the sky!

Could not tumble nor fall!

I would picture it all!

If I could fly!

See the world from my eyes!

Would not stumble nor fail!

To the heavens I sail!

Jonny Nailz runs up the stage and down the ramp quickly in the ring and the math started.


Meltdown runs and does a flying clothesline and then going to work on the left arm of Jonny Nailz. He starts it with an armbar.

King: What strategy by Meltdown working on one part of Jonny Nailz.

Meltdown still holding on that armbar not letting go. Jonny Nailz struggling to get the ropes reaches his arms and drops it dead on the first rope. Meltdown was forced to let go of the hold and put his arms up in innocence and stomps on Jonny Nailz. Meltdown being cocky as usual taunts to the crowd not only to find that Johnny Nailz missile dropkick dead in the back of the head and Meltdown starts to trip on his feet and landed on the turnbuckle. He looked like he was really knocked sense less.

JR: That’s what you get for being so cocky and letting your opponent rest up!

King: Be quiet JR. You always like to play favorites.

Jonny Nailz was now on the offensive and started punching Meltdown on the skull and by the minute Meltdown was getting weakened. Jonny Nailz ran to the ropes an executed the lionsault and Meltdown lost his momentum totally. Then Meltdown gets up and Jonny Nailz attempts a snap suplex but Meltdown puts his leg in the way and connected a vicious spinebuster. Then Meltdown just wouldn't stop taunting.

JR: What a spinebuster and just like that Meltdown is back on the offensive!

Meltdown picked Jonny Nailz up and executed the belly-to-belly suplex. Jonny Nailz was thrown so hard that he was thrown into the ref and the ref was severely knocked out.

JR: OH MY GOD! The ref is knocked out!

King: What else is new?! This type of thing seems to happen all the time!

Meltdown didn’t notice and turned around and stood on the turnbuckle and started to taunt. When he turned around he only felt a biker chain through his skull and was busted open. Jonny Nailz raised the chain and the ref was still knocked out.

JR: GOOD GOD! That shot by that biker chain! Jonny Nailz seems to have this one in the palm of his hands.

The ref finally revived and Jonny Nailz went for the cover.


King: This can’t end like this!




JR: NO! His legs were on the ropes right before the three count. This match will continue.

King: Thank god though.

Jonny Nailz shook his head in disbelief and complained to the ref. Meltdown was left in bloody mess and when Jonny Nailz turned back around Meltdown executed the most vicious damn spinebuster that Jonny Nailz was bleeding from the back of his head.

JR: Man! This is one exciting number one contender’s match!

Jonny Nailz was flat out and Meltdown was measuring up his man. And as Jonny Nailz was getting up Meltdown executed the Perfection on Jonny Nailz and it looked to be over.

JR: Meltdown with the cover!




JR: No! Kick out. How in this world did Jonny Nailz kick out of the Perfection!

King: Jonny Nailz is slowly getting up. What does Meltdown have in store for him now?

Meltdown picked Jonny Nailz up and picked up looking for that stalling suplex but Jonny Nailz reversed it and ran to the turnbuckle and executed the Super Insanity!

JR: It’s all over! Nailz for the cover!




JR: Yes! It’s over! Jonny Nailz is the winner! Jillian Garcia: Here is your winner and the NEW number one contender for the Vanguard championship….JONNY NAAAAIIIIIIILLLLLZ!!!!!!!!

JR: Wait a minute! It’s Redmann!

Redmann ran to the ring and then when Jonny Nailz turned around Redmann speared Jonny Nailz. He continued the assault and then using his strength by throwing Nailz through the announcer table.

JR: Good God! What is wrong with Redmann?


JR: Ladies and gentlemen we just witnessed an exciting match with both competitors are left sense-less and bloodied and Redmann looks so happy about that. The bottom line is Jonny Nailz is the new number one contender for the Vanguard championship. Next is the Vangaurd championship match between Redmann and Slain.

King: I'm going for Redmann he really looks focused. We have to take a quick comercial break here at the PPV Mosiac.

Winner at 7:42 via Super Insanity…Jonny Nailz.

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